Mehak Mirza Prabhu

Mehak Mirza Prabhu


Ask for 'all about her', and she says 'storyteller'; just 'storyteller'. Mehak Mirza Prabhu is fuelled by her passion for storytelling to the extent of making it her identity. She writes and narrates original fictional stories in Urdu, Hindi and Marathi, and voice modulations are her unique strength. With a fantasy of one day building a city where storytellers could sit under a massive tree and tell stories to thousands, she inches a step closer to this dream every day. Having millions of views to her stories online, travelling cities for various events, mentoring writers and storytellers through her pathshala - Jhumritalaiya, this inspiring TED talk speaker, has found a new life reinventing this oldest artform of fictional oral storytelling with fresh new stories of today's time.

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Season 9 - Day 1 October 12, 2019
12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

Deep Dive: How to Deliver a Great Spoken Piece by Writing Poetry and Storytelling for Stage


Mehak Mirza Prabhu, Amandeep Singh