Harshit Agarwal

Harshit Agarwal


Harshit is an Indian artist working with emerging technologies, primarily artificial intelligence. His practice is centred around the theme of exploring the poetics of technology in our already posthuman existence. He is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab (USA) and IIT Guwahati and has carried out residencies at the Museum of Tomorrow (Brazil), Art Center Nabi (Korea), XLab (Japan) and Google Arts and Culture (France). He has authored several publications and patents about his work at the intersection of HCI and creative expression. He was the only Indian artist, among 7 international AI art pioneers at the first global exhibition of AI Art in a contemporary gallery. He held India’s First Solo Exhibition of AI Art at the Emami Art Gallery in Kolkata in September 2021. His work is part of the permanent exhibition at the largest computer science museum in the world in Germany. His work has been nominated twice among the top 3% for the premium art and technology award, Lumen Prize.

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Season 13 - Day 2 October 22, 2023
12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

Generative AI and the future of creativity

Stage 3