Deepak Kumar Mishra

Deepak Kumar Mishra

Director, Screenwriter, and Actor

Deepak Kumar Mishra is a director, screenwriter, and actor from India. He is well-known for his work with TVF, most notably for his comic roles in web sketches such as TVF Rowdies and The Making of...., as well as web series such as Permanent Roommates and Gullak, to name a few. He has also directed episodes for a number of TVF Web shows, most notably the critically acclaimed Panchayat Series.
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All Sessions by Deepak Kumar Mishra

Season 12 – Day 2 October 9, 2022
1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

Showrunners Roundtable: on creating bingeworthy shows

Stage - 1

Shreyansh Pandey, Sonam Nair, Deepak Kumar Mishra with Suchin Mehrotra