Aksh Baghla

Aksh Baghla

Singer and Digital Content Creator

Aksh Baghla is a singer and a digital content creator with 3.14 Mn+ across all social media platforms. He became popular after demonstrating the Indian version of ‘1 Guy, 30 Voices’ on the internet. He has collaborated with several artists, like Lauv, Ananya Birla, and Lisa Mishra, to name a few. He recently released his debut track, "Kabhi Kabhi," from the album 1min Music. He also collaborated with Aditya Sirsa on a Hindi-English remix of the song Chaand Baaliyan, which got 29 Mn+ views. He has also won Music Sensation of the year at InfluencEx Exhibit Awards and was made the Culture Brand Ambassador of India by the Ministry of Culture.
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All Sessions by Aksh Baghla

Season 12 - Day 1 October 8, 2022
4:30 pm - 4:50 pm

Jam session on Gen-Z Antakshri

Stage - 2

with Akshath Acharya, Aksh Baghla, Nikhil Paralikar, Akanksha Bhandari and Samarth Swaroop