Vasu Dixit

Vasu Dixit

Musician & Filmmaker

Vasu Dixit is a musician and a Filmmaker. Vasu formed Swarathma in 2002. After completing his Post Graduation from NID, Vasu worked as a Filmmaker in a few production houses and then decided to give music his love. He dons the role of a filmmaker whenever his band requires a music video or on any other projects as well. Vasu Dixit has composed music for Feature Films, and Documentaries; He won the Karnataka State Award for Best Male Singer in 2012. Vasu Dixit formed his project called Vasu Dixit Collective(VDC) in 2017. Vasu Dixit Collective is a space for musicians and artists to come together, collaborate and create. This is also part of Vasu's journey to find himself as a musician and an artist. VDC plays Folk-Rock Fusion both in Kannada and Hindi; covering some of the saint poets: Purandaradasa, Basavanna, and Kabir. Many writers, poets, and lyricists also contribute their works to collaborate with Vasu's and foot-tapping tunes. Vasu's open-throated voice is a free-spirited celebration of life, whether he sings with his band VDC, Swarathma, or on his own. A composer, musician, and filmmaker in equal measure his craft brings many nuances of art into one space.

All Sessions by Vasu Dixit

Season 10 - Day 3 October 24, 2020
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Music Jury Roundtable

Stage 1

Naezy, Dualist Inquiry, Lisa Mishra, Vasu Dixit, Raman Negi with Rohini Ramnathan