Genesia Alves

Genesia Alves

Journalist, Podcaster, Writer

Genesia Alves has worked in media, culture and entertainment for more than twenty years. She has written across major publications about film, television, society, trends, art, architecture, food etc. She's also written, produced and developed concepts for television, hosted a couple of travel show episodes, been a late-night radio host and started an irreverent, social-trends commentary podcast. Most recently, she wrote scripts for The Journey of India series on Discovery and hosted The Best Parts podcast for The Swaddle. She relies on research, instinct and a sense of humour to get the answers to the questions we're all thinking but not saying out loud.

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Season 13 - Day 1 October 21, 2023
12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

The Best Parts : Holding up the mirror to lust

Stage 1

Konkona SenSharma in conversation with Genesia Alves