Aaquib Wani

Aaquib Wani

Experiential Designer

Founder and Creative Director at Aaquib Wani Design, Aaquib Wani focuses on marrying traditional graphic design elements with unique and contemporary visuals to bring unparalleled aesthetics for fashion, art, spaces, and brands. He is a self-taught designer and the studio has worked on a wide spectrum of projects including branding, art direction, space design & one-of-a-kind installations for weddings, music festivals, fashion brands, themed hospitality outlets, and album covers for different bands.

All Sessions by Aaquib Wani

Season 13 - Day 1 October 21, 2023
4:00 pm - 4:50 pm

Being a CreativePreneur: Crafting a Brand

Stage 3

Aaquib Wani, Alicia Souza, Jayesh Sachdev & Santanu Hazarika in conversation with Anant Ahuja